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Pine Health Care Services (PHCS) continually search for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable, and they also aim to become an excellent example for clients and partners too. PHCS documents actions being taken to reduce carbon emissions within the organisation and review every year/ as required.

Measure Pine Health Care Services` Carbon Footprint

The first step in PHCS is to measure the company’s carbon footprint every year and we use this information to find ways to reduce our carbon emissions and become more sustainable over time. This is reviewed annually.

Provide staff training and raise staff awareness

We include the need to be environmentally aware in contracts of employment.
We discuss environmental awareness at induction and in training and other staff meetings.
We ensure all staff are aware of the content of the environmental policy.
Actively encourage staff to minimize waste wherever possible.
Keep staff informed of environmental issues that affect the organisation.

Scope 1-carbon emissions associated with your buildings and fleet

PHCS invest in Green Office Equipment, with the following examples

Turn off the lights at the end of the day. Try to rely more on natural light during the day. 
Switch off plugs not being used.
Turning off lighting and sockets when not in use.
We set our computers to enter sleep mode after 5 minutes of non-use.
Using thermostats to control heating.
Only heat rooms which are in use.
Enable energy-saving light bulbs, battery-saving modes on all PC & mobile devices. 
Lower the office thermostat; lowering for example reduce it by 1°C to reduce energy for heating, when applicable.
Using low energy lighting .
Using proximity light switches were feasible.
Ensuring boilers are serviced and maintained to maximise efficiency.
Fitting water saving devices.
Mending dripping taps.
Using other energy efficient rated products
Encourage staff to use other forms of transport where applicable, like public transport, walking, cycling and care sharing where applicable. (Most staff are now car sharing and others walk).
We consider the environmental impact of any company vehicles we run with a preference for using electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Scope 2-changing the type of energy you use

Use Renewable Energy

PHCS have now started to have discussions with the current energy provider to find out what services/plans they have in place, offering more green/renewable energy. If they are not actively working to lower carbon emissions, then PHCS will have to search for other suppliers who are carbon neutral and certified.

Scope 3-the embodied carbon in your products and the materials you use, your supply chain, reducing emissions from your waste and changing the approach to business travel.

In PHCS we use the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We encourage staff to have water bottles that can be reused.

We have recycling bin in the office and this is emptied once every fort night. Staff are advised to separate rubbish from recycling stuff. This helps in that for example cans are recycled and not end up in land fill, lowering PHCS`s carbon footprint. 

PHCS does have a shredder and shredded paper is taken to a paper recycling centre.

PHCS office furniture was sourced from other companies who were either throwing away or giving away, thus old/used furniture.

We encourage staff to report faulty equipment so that its fixed/mended early, which may be using more resources thannecessary.

We consider and where viable purchase our utilities from suppliers with good environmental credentials.  

We Source and purchase products where possible which minimize impact on the environment, for example:

Cleaning products which perform as well as standard products but which have a lesser environmental impact.
Products which use less / no / reusable packaging.
Products from sustainable sources where available.

We manage food waste by:

Purchasing from local suppliers where possible.
Purchasing foods which use less / no / reusable packaging.
Recycling where available.

We aim to buy less paper and less printing, by committing to have electronic records (computer and other electronic storage media). We now use an electronic recording system called Roundsys and have used this for the past 2 years.

When replacing electrical items, we will replace them with energy efficient devices from reputable suppliers.

We aim to trade with organisations who have a commitment to the conservation of the environment.

Because we are aware of the environmental impact of pollution from motor vehicles, as a Service we:

Minimise travel were possible, e.g. using video conferencing.
Encourage the use of public transport and bicycles were feasible.
Encourage staff to use environmentally more sustainable cars, e.g. electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
Consider the environmental impact of any company vehicles we run with a preference for using electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

We actively promote recycling both within our organisation, including among, Service Users, staff and visitors as well as amongst our suppliers.

PHCS ensure that there are facilities available to manage recycling of the organisation’s waste. In the last 12 months we have seen a positive approach from staff as they are fully aware and show they have embedded the efforts to reduce carbon footprint, examples staff include actively involved in recycling and preferring to use more sustainable modes of transport.